Body Balm Roll 'n Go 6-Pack

Grab a 6-pack and hit the trails! Our body balm is small and mess-free, and the perfect size to throw in a backpack, purse or golfbag. (.60 oz. each)

This 6-Pack includes one FREE balm.

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A balm for all bodies.

Share this pack with friends and family! Includes 6 balms. (.60 oz. each)

This product can be applied anywhere on the body to keep the bugs away, and its roll-on applicator makes for easy use.

Great for small children and pets when spraying is not preferred. Just roll it on and go!

Plant-based goodness.

Made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients.
Made without chemicals, preservatives, synthetics, petroleum, parabens, alcohol, phthalates and dyes.
  • Active ingredients: Lemongrass oil (0.50%), geranium oil (0.15%), peppermint oil (0.10%), cinnamon oil (0.05%)
  • Inert ingredients: Water, glycerin, castor oil, soy lecithin, sorbitol, vanillin, gum arabic, Vitamin E, citric acid (totaling 99.2%)
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9/20/2018 - I use the Bug Protector rub-on solid (stick) for when I take my dog for long walks in the morning in the woods. These things work great, keeping the mosquitos from biting. The thing I like most is that they have a pleasant fragrance (lemon-ish), and do not leave a slimy or strong smell on me the whole day. After application the repellant seems to work for about 2 hours, but I don’t really need it to last any longer than that. Thanks BugProtector!
- Peter, Collegeville, PA

4/6/2018 - As a pregnant woman who lives next to a stagnant creek, this product is just fabulous! I had been on the hunt for non toxic remedies with no avail. I found a small roll-up balm at the local grocery store (it was the last one with the seal already broken and bought it anyway) and I'm so glad I did! This stuff works!! I visited the website and bought the spray. I would recommend it to anyone with young children that are outside a lot. It smells great too!!
- Sara , Marble Falls TX

Important stuff.

  • For external application to protect against mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects.
  • Prior to outdoor exposure, apply liberally to exposed skin or pet's fur.
  • It may be necessary to reapply Bug Protector if you're in an outdoor environment where insect population is high and the duration of your outdoor venture is longer than 2 hours.
  • Apply to children only with adult supervision. Rub on children's faces. Do not apply to hands of children.
  • Discontinue use if irritation or redness develops.

Most often asked.

Below are a few questions we're most often asked. Please fill out the Contact Us form if you have other questions not shown here.

As with most oil-based repellents, they are not waterproof and will need to be reapplied after exposure to water.

Our repellents should be reapplied as often as necessary depending on the outdoor environment and your level of activity. It may be necessary to reapply if you're in an outdoor environment where the insect population is high and the duration of your outdoor stay is longer than two hours.

Environmental conditions such as humidity, sun exposure, wind, rain and abrasion may all affect the actual performance of bug repellents.

Our mosquito repellents have been tested by an independent third party for efficacy against mosquitoes, gnats and biting flies. Test results concluded that our repellents have equivalent efficacy to brands with up to 5% DEET.

Bug Protector products have a shelf life of two years.

Good for business.

Bug Protector is a Certified B Corporation®, as we've been recognized by the nonprofit organization B Lab for meeting the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance. 

Bug Protector is produced in a LEED-certified facility, which demonstrates that we value and are committed to maintaining sustainable and responsible business practices.
Bug Protector is proudly made in the Midwest in a state-of-the-art, FDA approved facility. From the R&D to the filling, labeling and shipping, all aspects of the manufacturing process are done by us, which allows us to maintain maximum quality control.