Nothing to hide.

Transparency is something that can be hard to find in today’s business environment — but for us, it’s part of what makes us a Certified B Corporation® and why we truly have nothing to hide. In 2016, Bug Protector became a Certified B Corporation. Our products are made in a facility certified by B Lab, a non-profit organization that encourages businesses to be more accountable in the workplace to promote positive social change in the world.

Being a B Corp is at the core of Bug Protector — because being a catalyst of social change is highly important to a natural company. It allows us to promote a sustainable environment, and more than that, it accurately reflects the way we do business. We’re committed to benefiting our employees, community and the world around us. It’s part of our culture. It’s who we are.

The B Corp designation also distinguishes us from more traditional businesses, giving us a way to better communicate that our commitment to the whole of society is different from the many others claiming to be “green” and “earth-friendly.” It shows that we’re authentic and truly responsible with our resources. It’s an affiliation that is truly meaningful.

As one of more than 2,000 B corps worldwide, we're helping to redefine success in business by meeting the highest standards not only for accountability, but also for transparency and social and environmental performance. When you purchase from a Certified B Corporation, you're making a difference in the world. B Corps meet rigorous standards of transparency as well as social and environmental performance. They are committed to a "better way" of doing business — putting people and the planet ahead of profits. B Corps are leading a global movement to redefine success in business so one day all companies compete to be the best in the world at being the best for the world.

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