Meet our Brand Ambassadors

Jennifer has been an Ambassador since 2017. She has a passion for travel, road trips and brown signs. She carries our Bug Protector Mosquito repellent wherever she goes. We like that she's well-traveled, and that she takes us along for the ride. 

Crystal and her family love to spend their free time outdoors in central Florida. An avid hiker, Crystal spends lots of time near the water, and is an advocate of all things natural and organic.

A huge fan of our bug repellent products, Devin loves using natural products that are safe for her young son. She loves to travel, and spend time outdoors in her home state of North Carolina.

Derek is fond of jumping in beautiful places. From the Eiffel Tower to the beaches of Hawaii, he's travelled the world. He's a big fan of our non-toxic products, and we're happy to accompany him on his travels (and jumps) far and wide.  

An avid kayaker, river surfer and SUP racer, Hannah trains and competes in kayaking throughout the Midwest, and loves the fact that our Bug Protector Mosquito balm is easy to apply, doesn't wash off in the water, and keeps her bite free.

Cassidy is passionate about natural living, and what she is putting in and on her body. Bug Protector meets her expectations for safe, effective natural products. Cassidy and her family are avid outdoor enthusiasts, and are often found on the Mississippi River in Iowa.

An avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast, Justin loves to spend time on the water, and with his favorite 2-year old, his daughter Hadley. He is adamant about protecting Hadley and himself with our non-toxic, natural products.

An outdoor enthusiast and biologist, Tanya spends much of her time outdoors and loves the quality and effectivness of our mosquito and tick repellents. She prefers non-toxic products to their chemical-laden counterparts, and loves that Bug Protector is safe and effective.

For Floridian Thresha, Bug Protector repellents helped ease some of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in 2017. "I have to say thank you from me, my family and friends. When you sent us Bug Protector, I handed it out to everyone. When you find a product that works, you have to spread the word." 

A college study-abroad program took Lauren to China in 2017. When she wasn't in the classroom, she was speeding across the country to visit various historical sites. We love her penchant for wanderlust and adventure and are happy to protect her from bugs — on the road, playing field or on campus!