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Winter Blahs No More

The holidays are over and it's hard not to feel like hibernating for the next two months with the promise of cold, blustery winter days ahead. While venturing outside in the colder months is not always a pleasant thought, it's important to spend time outdoors for our health — not to mention our sanity.

Being active is always a good way to stay in shape and support healthy living, and fresh air is also quite beneficial. People actually think more clearly after getting some fresh air, and contact with nature can help reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. So grab the scarves, mittens and kids and get outside. Here are some ways you can have outdoor fun this winter:

  • Build a snowman or fort.
  • Have a snowball fight.
  • Strap on the skis and go cross-country skiing.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Go on a winter hike.
  • Go sledding or snowboarding.
  • Visit a farm.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Play hockey, taking a visit to a local ice arena or outdoor rink.
  • Attend a winter festival.
  • Try ice fishing.
  • Do a good deed, such as shoveling a neighbor's drive.
  • Grab your binoculars and go birdwatching.
  • Go on a treasure or scavenger hunt.
  • Build a winter bonfire and make s'mores.
  • Photograph winter scenes and create a winter-themed photo collage.
  • Set up an obstacle course in the yard (kids and dogs will love this)!
  • Paint the snow by adding a few drops of food coloring to a spray bottle filled with cold water.

Before long, you'll have a favorite you'll look forward to every year!