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What Exactly is a B Corp?

You may have noticed that among other credentials, Bug Protector is a Certified B Corporation®. We’re very proud of this certification but realize that not everyone is familiar with it. Of course, we’re glad to share.

One way to explain it is that a Certified B Corp is to a company what Fair Trade or USDA Organic is to a single product. Because the recognition is greater than one item, however, it represents a larger scale strategy by encompassing how business is done for every product created.

Certified B Corps have a unified dream to not only be the best in the world, but also be the best for the worldTM, which has created a global community unifying all who believe in the same mission. It’s the idea of using business as a force for goodTM to achieve a greater measure of benefit for everyone, and it involves the acknowledgement that we are dependent on one another for this to happen. When it does, both shareholders and stakeholders thrive.

Businesses that receive the certification meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability as they aim to solve both social and environmental challenges. Being a company that meets these high standards, Bug Protector joins more than 1,600 other corporations in almost 50 countries and 130 industries that are passionate about the same thing.

As we anticipate Earth Day coming up this Friday, we have to admit that working as an active Certified B Corp is one of the best ways we can think of to foster the resources we have around us. Because a portion of our certification involves environmental impact, it allows us to give a nod to the earth, so to speak. We want to build sustainability in the world through sound business practices, and we’re thankful that B Corp affiliation is a way for people to identify the change makers who are seeking out this vision every day.