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Top 10 Things We Love about Outdoor Retailer

As Day 4 of the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market came to a close, we reflected on Bug Protector’s third year of attendance at the premier event. There are so many amazing things this show has to offer that we thought it best to pare it down to our favorites.

  1. The madness of it all! We mean that in a good way. With more than 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers and 29,000 attendees on-site during the four-day show, the pulse of the show never ceases to amaze. It’s fast-paced, and the sense of community is obvious from opening day.
  2. Relationships. One of the best things about the show is the people you meet and the relationships that are forged for years to come. We loved seeing people we had met during previous shows, especially when they made a point of visiting our booth to stop and chat with us.
  3. Retailers. Where else can you find a who’s who of the best retailers in the country, from the mass chain to the independent? The list of retailers and buyers in attendance is mind-boggling, and the opportunity to meet with them during the event is huge.
  4. Education. Retailers and vendors alike get the opportunity to learn about the industry’s latest trends and products through the show’s professional training opportunities that take place each year. From a review of the outdoor recreation economy report to best practices for retailers, it’s an invaluable treat.
  5. Demos. Ever wonder what it’s like to try out the newest stand-up paddleboard or gear? The Demo Experience provides a look at the most cutting-edge gear in the industry. And did we mention how much fun these demos are?
  6. More than a hobby. Outdoor enthusiasts are extremely passionate and they’re not afraid to show it. Most live and breathe the outdoor life, and their zeal for all things outdoor is definitely contagious. This show is serious business to anyone who loves nature.
  7. The view. Salt Lake City has been an amazing venue for the show for the past 22 years, and the mountains that can be seen from every angle of the convention center make it the perfect backdrop for the occasion.
  8. Advocacy. In light of recent debates about protecting our national lands, the Summer Market was the ideal platform for highlighting the issues and supporting an agenda to preserve public lands. The show’s “This Land is Our Land” march was organized to support the industry’s foundation of accessible public land areas, and it was truly impactful.
  9. Product launches and brand recognition. Outdoor Retailer is the perfect place to introduce the latest and greatest products and create engagement for your brand. Free giveaways are a must, and half the fun is the hunt to see what trinkets you can take home with you.
  10. Dogs. This show is all about the dogs. They proudly wear their own badges and are welcome to stroll the aisles and sample the (dog) treats at will.

Fellow attenders of this year’s Summer Market, what do you love about Outdoor Retailer?