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Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Thanksgiving is just nine days away! Do you feel the spirit of the holiday season? We do. Bring out the family recipes and wonderful company! Since Bug Protector is formulated with four great essential oils, we thought we’d share some oils that are popular during the holiday season — both in November for Thanksgiving and December for Christmas and New Year’s.

Essential oils that are commonly used around the time of Thanksgiving reflect the classic spices we think of, including cinnamon bark or leaf, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and clove. Orange is also a welcome addition thanks to its refreshing touch.

Come December, the scents change a bit, especially in the desire to capture the smell of pine needles. Oils that are popular late in the year are balsam fir, blue or black spruce, cedarwood, pine, cypress, juniper and peppermint. It’s also not uncommon for frankincense and myrrh to be used for traditional celebrations of the birth of Jesus.

Isn’t it amazing how smells that fill our homes can fill our hearts with warmth and joy? Certain scents can also be very nostalgic, whether they remind us of cutting down the family Christmas tree as a child or smelling our grandmother’s pumpkin pie baking in the oven — and we love that too! You can emit these oils with a diffuser or room spray, in combination or by themselves.

Speaking of combinations, this blog post has some great options for autumn blends (with include additional oils), but you can also keep it simple by combining what you like as you go. Even something like even parts clove and ginger is a great start.

Whatever oils are your favorite, fill your home with them and enjoy! It may make preparing that Thanksgiving turkey just a bit less stressful.