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Spring Travel Spots

Spring has almost sprung (we can handle 12 more days, right?), so it’s nearly time to explore nature’s springtime roads, attractions and landmarks. If you’re looking to go on a vacation this spring before the temps get too high and the crowds get too big, read on for the U.S. News Travel’s top eight big-city rankings for best spring vacations.

  1. New York City: Spring is ideal for exploring the most populated city in the nation, as flowers are blooming and the weather is fabulous for strolling through Central Park and down Fifth Avenue. You’ll avoid the higher prices that come with summer, which gives you more spend to enjoy the vibrant culture and one-of-a-kind shops, bakeries, shows and more.
  2. Sydney: It’s tough not to love a city that offers something for everyone, and this one fits the bill. Spring weather in the northern hemisphere means you can expect autumn temperatures in the southern hemisphere (think 60s-70s), which makes it easy to enjoy beach-side activities like surfing, as well as highlights of this bustling destination like the famous Opera House.
  3. Las Vegas: Although temps drop when the sun sets, you can trade the sweltering conditions of summer for the comfortable spring temps of 70-80 degrees. The City of Lights may be known for casinos and clubs where people let loose, but it also offers luxury spas, exceptional shopping and high-end restaurants. If you love the outdoors, hiking the Red Rock Canyon or visiting the Hoover Dam may be just your style.
  4. Glasgow: Longer daylight hours and smaller crowds? Check, check. This Scottish city has a growing music and arts scene, not to mention a charming atmosphere, thanks in part to cobblestone streets and decorative architecture. Here visitors find vintage shopping, designer stores, open parks and beautiful cathedrals that make for a memorable experience.
  5. Lisbon: Nestled on the coast as Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon offers tons of history and ornate architecture. When you visit, you also can’t help noticing the traditional music and friendly local community, all while enjoying custard tarts, salted cod, beaches, markets and more. It may sometimes get forgotten next to other European cities, but its relaxed atmosphere is one to step into.
  6. Mexico City: You will likely see larger crowds this time of year, so booking early is important, but little rain and temps in the 70s make it worthwhile. Lively cultural offerings are sure to inspire, and the city is safer and more affordable than one might expect. The Federal District in particular is packed full of historic and well-known sites, with more to do than you’ll likely have time for!
  7. Los Angeles: Enjoy mild temps and spottier crowds in this populous city that’s the hub of visual entertainment. Its very eclectic style offers dozens of accomplished restaurants, art galleries and filmmaking sites. Not far from the buzz of the city are beaches, sand and surfing, where many Santa Monica locals spend their time. With so much to see, it’s best to pick a few areas that appeal to you and then explore to your heart’s desire.
  8. Grand Canyon: Hands down, the summer is peak season for Grand Canyon visitors, so beat them there by taking in this incredible wonder in the spring. Look for discounts on flights and lodging, and get ready to stand in awe of beauty that measures 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and one mile deep. If you’re into some serious hiking or camping, the North Rim is also a fantastic place to go.

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