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Pictures Say It Best

Winter isn’t a cold season everywhere, but those who experience winter weather can relate to the low temps and snow it brings! What IS everywhere is the spirit of the holiday season that comes each year. The gifts, warm drinks, decorating and card exchanging is fun for both the young and old!

Check out our fun photo montage of all things holiday:

Who doesn’t love cookie decorating? They almost look too cute to eat! (Almost.)

The great thing about the Christmas tree in our homes is that we get to make it our own — stuffed animals and all.

Not everyone likes wrapping gifts, but many LOVE it! There’s a unique satisfaction that comes when you package an item in a beautifully presented way.

Getting mail is a treat — especially if they are Christmas cards and photos! It’s a tradition many families keep year after year that reminds people of all the joy in their life.

A good pair of mittens or gloves is crucial in the winter to keep your hands warm and body healthy. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those holiday celebrations!

Doesn’t Bug Protector look so pretty in the snow??

Whatever traditions you have leading up to and during the holidays, enjoy them — and snap a few photos so you can remember what a wonderful experience it was. From Bug Protector to you, have a safe and memorable holiday!