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Oh, the (Warm) Places to Go

Even with all the winter activities we provided in our last post, it can certainly be worth it to escape the cold weather by traveling to a warmer destination — even if just for a long weekend. The U.S. has lots of landmarks and unique experiences to try, so here’s a head start inspired by Travel + Leisure to some places that might be calling your name:

  1. Atlanta, GA: Travelers prefer visiting this destination in the winter, as it tends to be mild weather-wise and a bit less busy throughout the city than other months of the year. Barbecue and luxury shopping are must-dos here — but probably not together!
  2. Honolulu, HI: Fantastic weather is a given in the state entirely surrounded by the Pacific, which allows for a wide span of fun outdoor activities. Plus it’s great for couples and families alike.
  3. Houston, TX: Located along the Sun Belt, temperatures lie in the 50s-60s, making it great for outdoor concerts and more. With March comes the world renowned Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and you don’t want to miss the city’s impressive museums, classical music and amazing burgers.
  4. Miami, FL: It’s one of the most popular snowbird destinations for a reason, impressing visitors with gorgeous weather along with cocktails like mojitos and margaritas. There’s so much to do and see, including salsa dancing and watersports.
  5. San Diego, CA: With temps up to 70 degrees, you’d think it’d be busy, but it’s actually a quiet time of year. Explore the famous San Diego zoo, play some golf, go for a run along the beach, take a leisurely swim or try out surfing. It’s a very safe and clean city, which visitors can’t help but notice.
  6. Savannah, GA: This destination is quaint and charming, which lends itself to being a favorite for Valentine’s Day or romantic getaways. Perks include smaller crowds and lower prices during the low season, as well as its well-known cocktail hour. It also boasts a great deal of rich history.
  7. San Antonio, TX: Among many attractions, this city has a beautiful Riverwalk and several festivals that run through the winter. The Spurs are right in town if you love sports, and if you love a good deal, the city has plenty of flea markets that are worth your while.

What is your perfect winter destination? It’s hard to go wrong visiting a place you love — or even a new place you can’t wait to explore.