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Get Lost in a Corn Maze

You likely remember the nostalgia from your youth: Winding your way through turns and dead ends, with tall corn stalks lining the path on either side. Corn mazes are life-size puzzles just waiting to be solved, uniquely designed with passion and creativity. They’re loved by kids and adults alike, which makes visiting one a perfect fall activity for the family. Plus, nearly all farms with mazes have additional offerings like a pumpkin patch, hay rides, kid zones and sweet treats! 

There are so many corn mazes throughout the United States! This handy map is extremely helpful for finding one near you. If you’re looking for recommendations, here are some that are particularly noteworthy:

  1. Cool Patch Pumpkins – Dixon, CA: Home of the world record corn maze, this year’s labyrinth features the farm’s logo and two different path options: one intermediate and the other advanced. Explore by day or in the dark!
  2. Sever’s Corn Maze – Shakopee, MN: As part of its 21st fall festival, the latest corn maze challenge has visitors looking for six pictures of “Sever Dundee” while reading facts about the theme found throughout the maze.
  3. Richardson Adventure Farm – Spring Grove, IL: The Cubs World Championship is what the 2017 maze at this farm is all about. You can wind through 28 acres of corn, enjoying the maze that’s actually four smaller mazes. Multiple checkpoints and three lookout bridges allow for breaks and a little help as needed.
  4. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm – Ronks, PA: This five-acre corn maze, called the Amazing Maize MazeTM, was designed by the American Maze Company and Don Frantz, former Disney Broadway producer. It includes more than 2.5 miles of paths and bridges, with clues and photo ops to make it highly interactive.
  5. Cornbelly’s Corn Maze – Lehi, UT: Calling all superheroes! This year’s superhero-themed maze at Cornbelly’s honors both classic heroes and everyday heroes like military members, teachers, police officers and firefighters. Its other maze offerings include Candy Corn Acres Maze, Kiddie Maze and Haunted Insanity Point Maze.
  6. Dewberry Farm – Brookshire, TX: Starting in late summer every year, this family tradition featuring an eight-acre cornfield impresses for its 17th year. Incorporated into the amazing labyrinth are CORNundrums: corny word puzzles that visitors must decipher!
  7. Long and Scott Farms – Mt. Dora, FL: This corn maze spanning six acres reflects a theme of first responders this year. Its unique design includes twisting pathways, Q&As and picture rubbings. There is also a smaller one-acre maze for the youngsters!
  8. Happy Day Farm – Manalapan Township, NJ: This New Jersey farm is celebrating the 75th birthday of Curious George, with a corn maze to prove it! You can experience this ten-acre maze while playing Maize-O-Poly, where you look for each square on a game board and get hints when you answer questions correctly.

We wish we could visit them all! Even if it’s not on this list, visit a corn maze with your family this month. You’ll be so glad you did.