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All Natural, All Spring Long

As we near the end of March and the temperatures rise, it’s inevitable that bug season is nearly upon us. For most, April through September is typically high bug season, and that season tends to stretch longer for warmer parts of the country. So while you may be looking forward to the warmer temps, you may also be dreading the drone of bugs that are sure to accompany it.

While there are numerous bug repellents on the market today, Bug Protector® is made from a blend of essential oils, which have dozens of benefits because they’re in their purest form. Our differentiating ingredient vanillin also works with them to increase how well the blend works against insects. You can read more about our ingredients here, but in short, it’s a tested blend that truly works — and the fact that it smells amazing is a huge plus, too.

Because Bug Protector is made with all natural ingredients, other benefits are built in. As a natural product with several packaging options, it provides an alternative to the DEET-based products out there that can make some consumers a little wary, especially parents of young children. To the same point, it meets the product demand for the health conscious consumer with a high quality option. It’s also FDA compliant and B Corp compliant, which means it’s made in a facility where the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability are achieved. Essentially, it’s a great product made in the very best way.

As the weather continues to get warmer, you don’t have to worry about all those bugs — Bug Protector is here to make sure you, your kids and your pets are protected. So go outside and get into adventure! Bug Protector’s got your back.