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A Zulily First

Bug Protector is landing in thousands of mailboxes across the country this month! We’re excited to be partnering with Zulily, an online company tailored to women and moms looking for unique brands and products for their families. With generous discounts on items that change daily, this company has seen more than 26 million orders (and counting) since its launch in 2010. It works with thousands of brand partners, holding inventory until Zulily customers order to keep discounts possible.

On May 22, 20,000 bottles of Bug Protector will be shipped nationwide to subscribers of Zulily as part of a sampling program. With bug season ramping up, this program is a great opportunity for us to increase awareness of our brand by getting more people introduced to our all natural products.

The program will also help drive sell-through for retailers who carry our product, as our sample will include a card listing several of our national retailers for in-store purchase. They say the best way to get people engaged with a product is by putting it in their hands, so we’re on board — after all, we want them to try it and discover why it’s so easy to love!

Shortly after the sampling shipment arrives at recipients’ homes, our product will be placed on the Zulily site for shoppers to purchase at a discounted rate. Considering Zulily has about five million active customers, 95% of whom are female and generally fall into the 26-45 age range, we’re confident we’ll be able to create even more engagement with our target market.

Thanks to Zulily and other great partners we’re collaborating with this year, we’re looking forward to a busy bug season for Bug Protector!