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20 Activities to Fight Boredom this Summer

It's officially the summer season, and with it comes the sometimes difficult challenge of keeping kids busy, safe and healthy. In fact, USA Today references how several studies indicate summer can be a time of excess weight gain for kids. While the ideal is that they’re outside playing and coming home to a healthy family meal every night, the reality is that more time is spent watching television and playing video games, especially among kids ages 5-12 (Painter, 2015).

In light of these challenges, we took some time to write down some fun summer activities that the whole family can enjoy together:

  1. Grab some lemons and make a lemonade stand
  2. Hike through a state park and enjoy the view
  3. Visit a zoo — who doesn’t love the monkeys?
  4. Visit a water park or beach and put those swim lessons to work
  5. Plant a garden full of veggies or flowers
  6. Take a road trip, whether it’s 15 minutes or hours away
  7. Create an obstacle course in the yard
  8. Wash the cars with lots of soap!
  9. Grab the picnic basket, fill it with fruit and veggies, and find some shade
  10. Make backyard campouts a new favorite
  11. Create more curb appeal with sidewalk chalk drawings
  12. Hop on a bike and go for a ride — to a farmers’ market or local park!
  13. Build a birdfeeder and watch them flock
  14. Find fun objects on a scavenger hunt
  15. Visit a historical site
  16. Attend a local baseball game
  17. Grab a hose and fill water balloons or squirt guns
  18. Visit the library and find a book to read!
  19. Groom the dog (outside of course)
  20. Visit a museum

Fun and productive activities that won’t break the bank can be hard to come by, but sometimes it takes just a little imagination — and a little help! Remember to enjoy the outdoors and take your bug spray with you when you do. Who knows? This could be a summer your kids remember for a long time!